23 January 2024

NHS – Assisting Healthcare Facilities



NHS – Assisting Healthcare Facilities

We are proud to offer door repair services and door installation services to the NHS in the Cumbria area. Our team of Engineers is dedicated to assisting healthcare facilities across North England and Southern Scotland to keep their doors safe, clean, and efficient.

Smooth Entrances and Efficient Operations

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, smooth entrances and efficient operations are crucial. In partnership with the NHS, we understand the importance of functionality, safety, and reliability. We prioritise the well-being of patients and staff by ensuring that the doors not only work seamlessly but also meet all necessary requirements.

Improved Durability and Longevity

Our Automatic Sliding or Swing Doors provide a durable solution for high-use openings. By replacing or repairing old running gear with new Automatic systems, we can extend the life expectancy of the door by 10+ years. In this case study, we helped the hospital achieve maximum efficiency and cleanliness at their reception area. The mechanical element of the door was completely replaced, while the door itself remained untouched. These repairs and updates save the hospital team valuable time and money.

At Celsius Doors, we take pride in working alongside the NHS to create effective door repair solutions for their facilities. Contact us today for door repair services in Cumbria and let us help you keep your healthcare facility safe and efficient.