360 Maintenance

Our 360-maintenance service is specifically designed to keep your existing doors operating in an excellent manner, as well as bringing them up to the latest standards for fire regulations and health & safety guidelines.

Our goal is not to sell you a repair or an inspection but to save you money by preventing small issues from developing into larger costly fixes. We work with facilities across the northwest to provide reliability and peace of mind, which we know is vital to running a business efficiently.

Celsius Doors 360 Maintenance isn’t just an inspection service!


We provide a comprehensive health and safety assessment of your doors in line with HSAWA & PUWER. Our specialised team of experienced engineer’s asses the doors for compliance and identity any snags with the functionality of the door.


During the inspection, small issues are discovered and rectified at a significantly cheaper cost than leaving problems to deteriorate. Our 10-in-10 rule allows our engineers to undertake any small repairs that are under £10 and take less than 10 minutes whilst we are onsite.


Lubricant helps the door move with a minimum of friction and is crucial to the efficiency of the door. Regular lubrication can extend the life expectancy before needing maintenance or replacement. It is a vital part of our maintenance service and one that is often overlooked by many suppliers.


Our detailed reporting methods mean no issues are missed. In our 360 maintenances, we provide a detailed asset record of all facilities, an onsite inspection log book and a maintenance sticker per door with the last and next service dates.

Peace of mind that your doors are fully compliant and functioning!

With our 360 maintenance services, we can identify, repair and prevent faults from occurring in the future. We provide you the customer with peace of mind that your doors are compliant and functioning correctly.

Compliance with European Regulation EN 12445 machinery directives surrounding the recorded repairs and planned maintenance of machinery

The Maintenance service includes:

Do you have faulty or broken doors?

Perhaps you are looking for maintenance to keep your existing door in good working order. Whatever your needs are, Celsius can provide you with the service, advice and guidance that you need.


Celsius Doors have for the past five years supported me in the maintenance and replacement of my automatic doors, barriers, and shutters. They have always been polite courteous and professional. They respond in a quick and timely manner and where possible carry out first-time fixes. A great company with great ethics

Maintenance & Infrastructure Manager, Centre Parcs UK



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